Eleva Broiler Festival              June 5, 2021

10K Run & 5K Run/Walk
Zayvier's Chicken Chase Sponsors
Thank you to all of our Chase Sponsors!  We are very excited to have begun the work on Memorial Trail and we hope you will help us raise the funds necessary to finish it this year!  Our heart-felt gratitude goes out to all of our sponsors that helped make Zayvier's Chicken Chase a success.  Please take time to personally thank our sponsors by giving them your thanks and your business!  If you would like to sponsor this year's Chase, please download and send in this form.

If you and/or your business would like to be a sponsor for 2020, please download this form and get it back to us as quickly as you can to support Zayvier's Chicken Chase.please download this form and return it to us as quickly as possible to be included in our event!
Wildwood Farms
Ralph & Ann Kisor
Eleva, WI
Co-op Credit Union
Strum, WI
(800) 258-0023
Crossroads Chiropractic
Nick S. Preston, D.C.
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3456
Global Finishing Solutions
Osseo, WI
(715) 832-9480
Out on a Limb Tree Service
Eleva, WI
(715) 495-5709
Cedar Orthodontic
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 855-5051
2021 Sponsors
Where Am I Going?
You will get to enjoy the beautiful countryside around Eleva with either the 5K or the 10K course.  The 5K course is an out-and-back route which will include the newly finished Memorial Trail, while the 10K route is a loop including hills and a trek on the DNR trail (hard-packed gravel).  See the course map here.

Both races will start and finish at Lake Park, next to Eleva Pond in the NE portion of town on Hwy. 93. There will be a water station at the 5K turnaround and the 10K course will include a water station 3.5 miles into the race course.  Click here to see our course.
The Ad-Delite
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3401
Chippewa Valley Electrical Contractors
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 713-0123
Peck N Log USA
Greg & Suellen Hageness
Mondovi, WI
Ali Rud Financial Services
Mondovi, WI
(800) 398-1971
Express Mart - Eleva
26145 W Mondovi Street
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3354
Robbe's Family Market
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3937
Midwest Dental
Strum, WI
(715) 695-2918
Marten Transport LTD
Mondovi, WI
(855) 336-1734
Tom and Kathy Austin
Eleva, WI
JP Mechanical
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-4244
Pac Basic
Eau Claire, WI
​(715) 552-1722
Strum Hardware
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3115
Kelly Oium Well Drilling Inc
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3525
Bemis Bluff Winery
Eleva, WI
(715) 828-2344
(800) 847-4836
C&N Plumbing
50274 Chimney Rock Road
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-4446
Ken Vance Motors
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 834-4162
CCF Bank
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3315
Oium Asphalt
Eleva, WI

Toss and Go Roll Offs
Eleva, WI
(715) 659-0384
Hamlin Valley Farms
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3682
In Memory of 
Jim and John Skogstad
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 832-9480
Barneson Insurance
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3136
Tri-County Communications
Strum, WI
(715) 695-2816
Tree Savvy Tree Service
Eleva, WI
(715) 797-5641
Loretta's Pet Grooming
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3402
Flyin' Ryan's Sports Bar & Grill
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-4140
Kelly Iverson Trucking Inc
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-4579
Midwest Trophy House
Strum, WI
(715) 695-2777
Kreibich Towing and Automotive LLC
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-4666
Close Up Apparel
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 832-6441
Doug's Excavating & Trucking
Strum, WI
(715) 695-2933
Heather Nicolet 
Insurance Agency
Strum, WI
(715) 577-9322
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 833-1886
Strum Public Library
Strum, WI
(715) 695-3848
Pammy K's Cafe and Catering
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3226
Blueberry Ridge Orchard
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3366
 Highway Hub
Eleva & Mondovi, WI
(715) 533-3996
Buffalo River Johns, LLC
Mondovi, WI
(715) 495-2123
Eleva Lutheran Church
(715) 287-4137
Edina Realty in Eleva
Tom Tetzlaff/Colleen Dickenson
(715) 287-2788
Sharp Photo & Portrait
Eau Claire, WI
(715) 834-6588
Midwest RV Sales & Service
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3567
Endle Customs LLC
Eleva, WI
(715) 495-5035
At the Root Hair Salon
Eleva, WI
(715) 287-3223